Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 2 continued

Day 2 Basel- Strasbourg COMPLETED
Big thanks to Patrick for hosting me last night. Yummy food, cold beer and lovely company. So glad I wasn’t in a tent through that crazy storm!
Woke up to a lovely, cool summers day,perfect for a bike ride. Things I discovered today:
1) France has some amazing villages
2) French drivers are very considerate and tolerant of cyclists
3) Mr. Garmin thinks boggy fields are roads – I beg to differ. Stevie and I did not enjoy that experience (3 times today!)
4) 80 miles is a bloody long way!

Torrential rain for the last 30km made going difficult today, but it stopped in time for me to pitch my tent. Note to self: practice putting your tent up before you leave to go on a journey! Lack of preparation is becoming a little theme here!

Now sat in front of the Notre Dame about to have a well deserved burger and beer (carbs and protein all good surely? šŸ˜‰) then head back to my cosy tent pitched on a rather water logged patch of grass-let’s hope I don’t sink into oblivion over night šŸ˜‚


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