Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 2

Day 2– not the best nights sleep: what a wild night, the storm passed through here around midnight and was crazy for a few hours. Seems to have past now and hopefully should be good weather for the ride.

So found out last night that the ‘hill’ I went over was in fact a Swiss mountain pass (Staffelegg Pass) ! No wonder it nearly killed me šŸ˜‚. An indication of my fantastic planning skills there perhaps.

Right today I’m heading for Strasbourg. Apparently it’s all downhill šŸ‘šŸ». Looking forward to having a full day to get there, can take a bit more time and a few more rests.

I’ll be turning my data off most of the day, so don’t panic if I don’t reply to messages šŸ˜ƒ. Will post an update again when I arrive.

Excited to see what France has to offer


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