Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 3

Day 3: Strasbourg to Saarbrucken – completed!

Today has been a mixed bag. Thank god Facebook cannot yet post updates based on telepathy, mine would not have been family friendly on a number of occasions today!

Day started off great, cycling through some amazing countryside and villages, I almost felt like I was in the England/Wales. Then I stubbled upon a town that is twinned with my local, my parents currently live 3 miles outside. I felt like it was an omen of good things to come.

Sadly not. Not long after that Mr. Garmin decided he wanted me to cycle through a forest. That would have been lovely if I had a MTB and we haven’t just had a months rain in two days. So I retraced my back and decided to ‘wing’ it. Mmm not such a good idea. The poor French chap who tried to come to my rescue with directions heard a few choice English words when I realised I had just cycled down a big hill that I was supposed to be at the top of!

The rest of the day followed much the same vein. Garmin telling me one thing and me doing something else. Today’s lessons on planning: check your route carefully and don’t just go with what an app tells you.

But the day had some plus points:
1) I found Leominster’s twin town
2) I climbed Col de Saverne
3) I nearly ran over a snake sunbathing on the canal tow path
4) I learnt how to program my Garmin.

Major learning point today is when things get on top of you, stop, take a break, have kitkat/snickers or in my case an apple, reassess the situation and come up with a solution. I wish I had done that in the first two hours and not in your 5!

So i’m cheating tonight and staying in a hotel. I discovered just as i was leaving this morning that my campsite had a laundry room-doh! I seriously need to wash all my cycle gear and get it dry by morning, so hotel is the way forward. Plus a queen bed just for me will be nice tonight.

Today’s stats:
82.3 miles (slightly over the 64 I was supposed to do!)
1240m climbed

Not many pics today as I just couldn’t get myself to stop and take any.


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