Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 4

Day 4 – Saarbrucken to Luxembourg city – COMPLETE

A good nights sleep in a warm bed gave me a positive start to the day. I had a really enjoyable first 15 miles along the canal, a little bit cold but at least no rain.

Coming off the canal the weather changed and I ended up with either a head or cross wind for the rest of the day. Funny really every summer I try and go kite surfing and never can because there is no wind, when I really don’t want wind i get it in spades!

It’s a shame the weather was so poor today as the ride along the ridge line in the French/German border was quite nice.

I crossed into Luxembourg at a town called Schengen, quite apt really consider last week. What word could I say sums up Luxembourg…hilly… No two words….f’ing hilly!! I thought I had my gill day yesterday but no, they just keep coming. If nothing else I’ll have thighs of steel once this is all over.

Google lied to me today-it told me 42 miles, turned out to be 62. Christ I hope nothing is lying about tomorrow, at the moment it’s 81miles, I’m not sure I can do an extra 20 again.

Arriving at the campsite and seeing my dad was awesome, especially has he was carrying with him a massive pot of Vaseline, hahah not sure I’ve ever been so happy to see one of them šŸ˜‚

We took the Harley for a little jaunt into Luxembourg City, it was weird loving and not pedalling! Fourth burger and beer for supper-might need to vary my diet soon.

Day 5 should see me in a place called Givet, on the French/Belgium border. I’m hoping to cross into Belgium at some point to make 5 countries in 5 days.

Enjoy the England game (is that possible?) I’m having a beer with the old man and watching it with a pint before heading to bed, in what looks like will be a wet and wild night (the weather not me!)


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