Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 5

Luxembourg-Givet (France)
Today saw me cross into another country, Belgium. An hour into the ride I saw the welcomed site of the Belgium flag. Despite my eyes looking like I’d gone ten rounds with a heavy weight boxer (puffed up to the point I could barely see out of them) my body felt good as I set off this morning. No options for breakfast so had to set off with an empty tummy. But dad had promised to be waiting about 20 miles down the road with something tasty.

He was good to his word and was stood on the side of the road with a pain du raisin – I felt like a member of the Tour de France with a support team! A quick stop to eat and then off I went again. The route today was easy to follow, I basically stayed on the N40, which was like cycling the A49, not hugely pleasant but at least I couldn’t get lost.

Dad was waiting again about 3 hours later, having found a place for a coffee and another pastry. I haven’t stopped so much in all the days, or eaten as much. In some ways I found it hard to keep stopping but I other’s it forced me to rest for 30mins and eat.

After lunch I had another 3 hours to go. I’ve been fortunate that stevie (the bike) has played the game well. Apart from being a bit squeaky (nothing oil can’t fix) he has done me proud. today however my shoes gave out. The right one decided it was not going to clip in anymore. That might not sound like much of a problem, but it was in two ways: 1) it makes going up hills a lot harder as you can’t pull up with your foot and 2) and more importantly, not clipping in means my leg is not in the correct position. This has led to me spending all day off centre and my Achilles heel really becoming painful.

Super dad to the rescue however. He race ahead (not particularly difficult when riding a Harley compared to a push bike!) and found an awesome bike shop. They were able to fix new cleats to my shoes, give stevie a check up and I was able to pick up some supplies. It meant I finished an hour later than planned but definitely worth it-without the shoes I really think my challenge might have been over.

Today ended up being 80 miles with another 1300m climbed. I’m wondering if I might end up climbing the equivalent of Everest by the time this is finished šŸ˜‚.

I was going to put all the stats so far up tonight, but by the time I finish biking, showered, sorted the bike out and eat it’s 11pm. When I’m on my own I can multitask and update whilst eating. But I’ve company, and I intend to enjoy it whilst it’s here šŸ˜ƒ

Sharing a room with dad tonight. Bless him, he really didn’t want to camp. It must be hard work riding a Harley Davidson around Belgium all day as he is flat out snoring next to me already šŸ˜‚

Tomorrow should be a short day of around 60 miles. Heading to Peruwelz.

As always thanks for following and all the messages and videos you are sending, whenever I need a boost i stop and read/watch them all xxx


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