Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 6

Day 6-complete..4 to go

Sorry for the negative post earlier. Today has been hard. I’ve not been able to get out of the fug all day. I didn’t start off feeling great and no matter how many times I tried to shake it off it’s been difficult. The weather has been permanently overcast and windy for the last two days and with all the hills, I sweat so much that the wind then makes me really cold and I’m not good when I’m cold!

But hey, let’s not dwell on those feelings. All day I’ve been thinking about what positives I’m going to post tonight. So here they are (yes I found a few ☺️):

1) coming around a bend this morning I came face to face with a doe …. 🎤A female deer🎤…. (you’re humming it aren’t you?😉) grazing. She looked up and I looked at her. We had a ‘Stand by me’ moment (Lucy Taylor you need watch this movie!) It was peaceful, pure and innocent…and then I ruined it by trying to take a photograph 😂

2) ignoring a road diversion sign -well I am English, I enjoyed for about 5km the road all to myself. And then I found out why. They had closed the road because they were resurfacing a bridge. Mmm not happy about having to go all the way back and then do the long diversion. The Belgium man started shouting and waving at me. Luckily I don’t understand French so have no idea what he said. I just kept pointing to the bridge. I think he looked at my face and my eyes and thought it was easier just to let me cross. So he picked up my bike (and it is heavy when it’s loaded up) and carried it over the newly laid Tarmac. I pointed at my newly cleated shoes and then back at him…he laughed and shook his head…no chance of being carried across 😂. So I had to walked over on my heels looking like a complete moron.

3) I finally got to the end of the N40-that has been a never ending road , contributing a lot to my mood today

4) I didn’t get run over. Today I ended up on duel carriageways twice and I don’t know how many Lorries and trucks nearly took me out.

5) my dad. He realised from the very beginning that today was not my day. So all along the route I kept finding him holding up a pastry or a can of coke. At one point he rode by the side of me for a bit-not so great when the Harley pulled away gently and disappeared into the distance with him shouting ‘see you in 15miles, in about 2 hours’!!

Poor dad though. I found him at his wits end in Peruwelz. The apartment he booked on three days ago didn’t seem to be available. He phoned the contact number he had for the chap, the guy next door did too. No answer. Peruwelz is not a big place and finding a hotel in something the size of a gnats arse was not going to be easy..:but he did. The place is definitely a fawlty towers esk hotel…so for anyone who knows dad, it’s the perfect place 😊

Tomorrow is my last day cycling in mainland Europe-can you believe I’ve actually managed to cross?? All going well I cross the channel and sleep tomorrow night in good old Blighty.

(Btw anyone had issues with Achilles before? Got any remedies to help the swelling go down? Currently treating it the good old fashion military way, ibuprofen and tubey grip!)

See you all tomorrow. Nighty night xx


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