Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 7

Day 7…oh what a glorious feeling…

Felt on a high all day today. Yesterday was my down day, and today I was ready to take on the world. I knew it was going to be a long one but it didn’t matter, I had a real goal today, get to Dunkirk and make the ferry.

Managed to get away by 9am as usual. Rain was forecast all day, even that couldn’t dampen my spirits. The way to Lille was easy to find and follow and my legs just let super turboed. By the time dad caught me up I wasn’tready to stop, I just wanted to keep going, so I did. Also have you ever tried finding a cafe open on France or Belgium?? It’s near impossible.

Dad and I finally managed to have a coffee together in a place called Armintiers, 40 odd miles from Peruwelz. I was a little cold and wet but still feeling great. We see used the next time we meet would be Dunkirk ferry terminal, and he would go ahead and book us some tickets.

So I had another 4 hours of cycling to do, which was fine.

Funny, near death experience of the day:

About an hour away from the end both Garmin and Google said to follow Rue du moulin, but at the beginning of the road it said it was a deadend. Hey when has Garmin or goggle ever been wrong. So off I headed down, and correctly so it was a dead end, kinda. It actually had once been a level crossing but the powers that be had changed their minds and had put piles of stones to stop anyone crossing the rail track. Well anyone but me. I decided (a bit like yesterday) to carry my bike over the tracks. So I scrabbled up the rocks, pulling and dragging Stevie with me. Over the rail tracks and up the other side. The tracks looked like they were disused so I figured I was ok. Got to the other side and looked back to see a huge sign. Agin in French but I did recognise the word in big red letters MORT. Ummmm. As I was stood looking at it, guess what happened, yep, a hug train came thundering past šŸ˜³. Well this one of my lives taken away, haha.

I also had a misfortune with a bathroom break…but thats a story to be told over a glass of vino or two šŸ˜‰.

On the ferry now, heading to Folkestone. Managed to get to the terminal at around 6pm, they put me on the 2000 ferry. Pretty pleased with my pace, 9 hours with a few breaks.

Should be arriving in England at 2100, and hopefully be in the hotel by 2130. Need a good night sleep as want to bang out another 80-90 miles tomorrow. 220 to Hereford and 3 days to go. ā˜ŗļø


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