Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 9

Day 9- complete.

Only finished riding at 2030 tonight, put in nearly 100 miles but still didn’t get as far as I wanted. Too tired to write much tonight. Still need to have a shower and plan tomorrow’s ride.

Mentally today was hard. I found myself in High Wycombe train station this afternoon looking at the board. Twice I went to the counter to buy a ticket. But three things came to my mind:
1) what I wrote in my post yesterday, and I felt guilty at cheating
2) it was going to be quicker for me to cycle then get the train (how is that possible?!)
And finally, and probably the actual decider 3) it was going cost £60!!!! So Davies got her butt back on the bike and cycled off to Aylesbury.

Cycling through London was cool. I cycled past a few of my sporting highlights-the start of the London marathon at Greenwich; the Serpentine and Hyde park where I swam/ran in the London triathlon. Falling off Stevie in front of loads of tourists outside Victoria train station was not a particular highlight. Someone did run over to help me up, which was nice. Stevie did not come out of that one well. I think he’ll need new handlebars next week 😳. I on the other hand have a lovely black bruise on my arse 😂.

Currently in Oxford. Got completely lost getting to the travelodge but the bright side of that is I got to cycle past my old uni and through town and reminisce some more.

Tomorrows the last day…you’ll be glad to have your newsfeed back. Should be about 80 miles from here to Hereford. I want to get an early start to get there by tea time of possible. Can’t wait for cuddles off my god daughter and her sister, and especially off baby Maddox, who’s brothers are two of the little boys I’m doing this for.

So ladies and gents, for the final time-good night, sleep well…tomorrow is the final day!


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