Cycling across Europe for Sands UK – day 10

Feeling emotional, it’s the FINAL day!! I can hardly believe it. People do this kind of distance in this time scale all the time when they cycle Lands End to John O’Groats, so really this little adventure is not that exceptional.

Planning my route last night (yes that really is how prepared I’ve been!) it was so good to see names and places I recognise. I was at uni in Oxford so I’ve driven today’s route many times in the past. All goes well I should be finished in 7 hours time. Planning to set off before 7am if possible.

Can’t wait to post a picture of Stevie, Joffery and me with the Hereford sign šŸ˜Š

Enter a caption

Final morning and have blue skies and sun. Haven’t had that since day 1 in Switzerland. Puts me in the mood to cycle – good job really as I have 75 miles between me and the finish line. Hereford here I come šŸ˜ƒ ā€” feeling energised.



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