Back home and reflecting on an awesome 5 weeks

I can’t thank James, Sally, Sam and Bailey enough for the lift across France. Had a lovely time the last two days. What I cycled in a day we’ve just covered in 90 minutes! Last bit of the journey now. On the train heading to Lucerne and then home. Will be glad to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Home after 5 weeks of awesome adventures. Sat in the peace and quiet and reflecting on my bike ride. I know it’s a bit sad to drink by yourself, especially champagne, but i’ve been saving this bottle for about two years, waiting for a special occasion to crack it open. Tonight I’m going to open it and have a silent toast to Coby, Hugo and Archie who I know were with me as I travelled over the continent. I never got the chance to meet you or give you cuddles but I do love your parents dearly.13913664_1820962414857086_6861886640093628357_o


One thought on “Back home and reflecting on an awesome 5 weeks

  1. James, Sally, Bailey and Sam

    I’d say that is a very well deserved drink to celebrate a fabulous effort and achievement. Sam missed his back seat buddy for the next few days and I’m sure he would be more than happy to rest his head on you again should you ever need a lift in the future.
    Well done Anna, it was nice to catch up with you again after so long and be able to help out in what little way we could.
    Good luck with your 2017 events and best wishes with the continued steps along the road to recovery.


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