Learning the guitar

One of the other guys here has offered to teach me the guitar. He thinks it might help my recovery, I’m not convinced yet his intentions are all that honorable, but his profession is a composer and he has his guitar and a number of other musical instruments here with him, so I thought I’d say yes. Learning the guitar has always been a bucket list item ever since the first time I backpacked around the world. Yes I want to be that hippy on the beach strumming Bob Marley! 

This afternoon he took me into his room (clean minds please!) and showed me his guitar-(cough cough-the musical instrument). He told me his teaching methods were not conventional, and that I was not to touch the instrument until I had learnt the basic theory. Is this really how people learn or did he go to the school of Phoebe Buffet?? I had a serious Friends moment and was desperate to call my pals the Burnett’s to share it with-I knew they’d get the reference straight away šŸ˜‚.  

So lesson 1 – Chords. No, I haven’t been told to learn bear claw, turkey leg or old lady. My new teacher came to my room earlier with a sheet of the music alphabet for me to learn. Am I suppose to memorise it? I don’t know, he didn’t say. Or is that a picture of the fret and I’m supposed to air finger it to learn? If so is A to the left or to the right? If you have any advice please write me a comment. 

The fact is learning a new skill is great cognitive therapy for brain recovery. I’ve read so much recently about learning an instrument, a new language or doing creative activities can help. So I’m trying hard to improve my deutsch and I’ll give guitar a good go. I feel my new teacher might be disappointed. But teaching me might be good therapy for him too and help his recovery so I am going to really try. 

In the meantime I think I need to refresh my Friends knowledge, how does Smelly Cat go again…

Thanks Becky H for saying I can borrow her prized guitar whilst I’m here, I promise to look after him x


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