Hi my name is Anna. In 2016 I decided to do one of my most craziest things and cycle across Europe solo to raise money for Sands UK. I had never attempted anything this big before and it completely changed my life. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip back to the UK and it started a love affair with my bike. I spent the rest of that summer entering sportive’s across England and Wales before heading back to Switzerland. I had a week let of my holidays so decided to do a mini tour of central Switzerland. The first day was awesome, cycling with the alps all around me. Calamity happened on day 2 when, in Bern, I cycled into a tram line, came off the bike and hit my head. I have no recollection of the accident, or the hours leading up to. I woke up in hospital about 6 hours later having had temporary amnesia. I was lucky, my helmet saved my life (I truly believe that despite what some might say). I had a bad concussion and a contusion on the brain but luckily no fracture. I was unable to go to work for nearly 3 months and 5 months later I am still not 100% and not back at work full time. It is amazing how a moment can changed everything. It hasn’t put me off cycling and I am planning a host of adventures for 2017. I decided to start writing a blog as some people seem to be interested in what I do. I’ve retrospectively added my musings from the summer so you can get a feel for me and my journey so far…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ross

    Hi Anna, I tried messaging you on FB – but I guess you are only an intermittent (like me) user… Putting a comment here in the hope that it generates an email that you spot. ūüôā The email address is real… I hope you are happy and well. Ciao for now, Ross


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